Join Hand Picked Farm CSA For the 2017 Season!

This is exciting! After four seasons of growing, the farm is ready to hone its focus back to the original vision – to be a 100% Community Supported Agriculture farm!  There are more share options available, and a payment plan to spread your share over four months through the winter.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of direct farm to plate growing. Aside from having 40+ varieties of vegetables in your home garden, there is no other way to get vegetables as fresh and delicious as joining a CSA! Hand Picked Farm is dedicated to sustainability and responsible agriculture, and goes above and beyond to improve the soil, foster biodiversity, and create a thriving and productive environment that can produce wonderful food for years to come.  Joining our CSA provides not only great food, but is a direct contribution to practices that steward the land, work in tune with nature, and sequester carbon from our atmosphere.

As a grower, I have had experience bringing a diverse range of vegetables to the CSA distribution through a lot of challenging situations.  As a cook for my family, I try to grow and have available a nice array of produce that makes sense for everyday use in the kitchen. I seek out interesting and exotic varieties of standard favorites, but always my variety selection and growing practices are aimed at producing the freshest and tastiest veggies!


Example of weekly share in early summertime.

Our shares are available as follows:

Two Week Sample / A La Carte Share – Dip a toe in! Try out our CSA for two weeks, upgrade to a larger share when you love it.  $58

Quarter Share – A great primer to get a flavor of what CSA can offer.  The Quarter Share picks up Seven of the 28 weeks in our season.  $200

Half Share – A good option for couples or families that do not get a chance to cook every day of the week.  The Half Share picks up 14 of the 28 weeks (every other week).  Most of our produce lasts 10-14 days anyway! $375

Full Season Share – Go all in! pick up all of the harvest for our 28 week season, enjoying the journey of flavor through over half a year of certified organic produce! $700 – Sold out for the season, but if you want to join for the remainder email farmer Matt to work out a pro-rated full share @ $25 per week.

Summer Share – Reserve the heaviest bounty of the farm, the Summer Share picks up 20 of our 28 weeks (6/8/2017-10/19/2017). These weeks have our most bountiful harvests. $540 – Sold out for the season

Choice Share – Great for couples, individuals, those who cannot cook as often, or people that simply want more choice over their shares.  The Choice Share picks up 22 of the 28 weeks in the season and gets to choose from half of the items available that week.  $440 – Sold out for the season

Our full season runs from May 18th through November 25th. Pickup is on the farm in our red barn located at 9 Stacey Rd, Flemington NJ, 08822.  Pickup times are Thursdays 4pm-7pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm.

How to Join: Please fill out our CSA Member Agreement (click here to download).  You can send a copy of the agreement and a check made out to Hand Picked Farm to:

Hand Picked Farm, 9 Stacey Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822

You can also sign up online through our Square Marketplace store and either scan / email the member agreement or send it in the mail.  Click here to sign up online!

If you would like to visit the farm and pay in person, cash is acceptable always, just send me an email so I can make sure to be here!

This season is going to be a great one, I can’t wait to grow for you.

Farmer Matt