Hand Picked Farm is the
culmination of my experience
and passion in growing food.

Produce the highest quality vegetables Vegetable gardening from my Pappou

I learned vegetable gardening from my Pappou (greek for Grandfather) when I was three. After completing college, I knew I wanted to be in the fields instead of the office, so I signed on to an apprenticeship at Upper Meadows Farm in Montague NJ. Having dirtied my hands both in suburban backyards and rural acres, I am proud to be realizing my dream of operating an organic farm.

My goal is to produce the highest quality vegetables in varieties not always available. My mission is to connect people with their food, to get you excited about your salad, stoked for your next pot of soup! You can always be sure that the produce you receive is fresh, and I don’t just mean “not-cooked.” Fresh means your produce was still thriving in the soil no more than 24 hours ago. Fresh means a tomato that has had proper time to ripen to red, realizing its full sugar content. Fresh ultimately means better tasting food!

Drop me a line via email or come by the farm! I look forward to growing for you.

Matt Hand